Capturing a Fast-Growing
CO2  Value Stream

Decarbonizing Industry Through Carbon Capture & Storage

Vault 44.01 is a highly experienced Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project development team with unmatched expertise in permanent storage of carbon dioxide. Our goal is to enable cost-effective, wholesale decarbonization of industrial emitters across North America through CCS.

CCS is a proven, highly scalable decarbonization technology that provides a path to deep emissions reductions from large, stationary industrial emitters. CCS on high purity sources is commercially viable today, and is rapidly emerging across a broad range of industries in both brownfield and greenfield applications.

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Our Team’s Experience Spans the Full Scope of CCS Projects

Project Development & Execution
Site Characterization
& Land Acquisition
Risk Management & Regulatory/Permitting
Operations & Monitoring
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Differentiated Team with Real-World CCS Experience

In partnership with emitters we offer end-to-end CCS project implementation and operations by leveraging

Deep Domain and Business Expertise:
  • Differentiated subsurface expertise and experience in multiple world-class CCS projects representing >18mm Tonnes/yr of CO2 emissions.
  • Major capital project execution experience with multiple team members having managed budgets of >$250mm/yr.
  • Proven ability to raise capital – team has secured >US$1Bn of equity and debt funding in prior ventures.
  • CCS regulatory expertise in both USA and Canada including multiple Class VI permit applications
Turnkey Business Model:
  • Project scope from compression through transportation to storage.
  • Project life cycle from site selection through characterization, permitting and construction to operations and, ultimately, post-injection site care.
  • Fit for purpose commercial mindset, with effective risk management throughout the project life cycle.
  • Capacity to own and operate assets.
  • Capacity to self-fund / partner in capital investment.

Our Team

Scott RennieScott Rennie
Scott Rennie

President & CEO

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Scott has 20+ years in senior leadership and subsurface engineering including over 7 years of experience developing major CCS projects in North America. Prior to co-founding Vault 44.01, he built and led carbon sequestration organizations within Schlumberger and ConocoPhillips. Scott also managed capital programs up to $500mm/yr and participated in raising >$1bn of equity and debt capital as a member of the executive team at a mid-sized Canadian oil and gas producer.

Preston EvansPreston Evans
Preston Evans

Senior Project Manager

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Preston has over 20 years of experience of petroleum engineering and well operations that includes 10 years of experience leading or mentoring engineers and field staff in both onshore and offshore operations. Preston has experience in many aspects of conventional and unconventional operations in Alaska, Azerbaijan, Wyoming, and North Dakota; including surveying, permitting, drilling, completions, production, and abandonment.

Scott JordanScott Jordan
Scott Jordan

Senior Project Manager

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Scott is a professional Engineer with over 30 years of engineering and managerial experience in the oil and gas industry. He is highly experienced in both conducting and leading multi-discipline teams in reservoir characterization, field development planning and project execution across a wide range of subsurface development settings.

Marcia CouëslanMarcia Couëslan
Marcia Couëslan

Principal Geophysicist, Risk Management and MMV Lead

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Marcia brings 15 years of technical experience with over 10 years experience in CCS focused on geophysics, reservoir monitoring (MMV), and regulatory approvals. Marcia is a respected industry expert in subsurface monitoring of CO2 sequestration projects and has experience with UIC Class VI permits and assessing and managing risk for CO2 sequestration projects.

Matthew KielbasinskiMatthew Kielbasinski
Matthew Kielbasinski

Chief Financial Officer

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Matthew brings over 12 years of energy industry experience in strategic planning, budgeting, risk management, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions and investor relations. . Prior to co-founding Vault, Matthew held the position of Vice President of Corporate Development at an intermediate oil and gas company, where he had responsibility for corporate planning, financial risk management and investor relations and participated in raising >$1bn of equity and debt capital

Mark PierceyMark Piercey
Mark Piercey

Project Manager

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Mark has over 15 years’ experience in the oil & gas and CCS industries, including 8 years in CCS project management and several years in waste disposal. During his time as a wireline field engineer Mark developed extensive knowledge in petrophysics, oilfield operations, logistics, and project management. He has been in project management roles for CCS projects covering every aspect required to successfully sequester CO2 in a subsurface reservoir including initial modeling and well planning as well as planning and executing required surface and subsurface assets to achieve safe and successful subsurface injection.

Ricky WeimerRicky Weimer
Ricky Weimer

Project Manager

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Ricky is a Petroleum Engineer with over 5 years of diverse experience in drilling, completions, reservoir testing and management, and field operations. While at Petrotek Corporation, Ricky served as Project Manager for multiple classes of UIC projects including Class I, II, and VI.  He also served as the primary engineer for reservoir characterization, well design, stimulation design, and reservoir analysis for CCS and UIC Class I projects.

Wade ZaluskiWade Zaluski
Wade Zaluski

Principal Geologist

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Wade brings over 20 years of geological and technical leadership experience, including 10+ years in CCS-related geological characterization and modelling, Class VI permit applications, and subsurface team leadership. He has worked on more than 20 CCS projects in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Steve WhittakerSteve Whittaker
Steve Whittaker

VP, Subsurface

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Steve has 20+ years of experience in geological characterization and the development of carbon storage sites in Canada, Australia and the USA including leading several CarbonSAFE projects and other CCS projects toward Class VI permitting. Steve has served on multiple technical reviews of CCS projects and as Chair of the ISO working group on geological standards for CCS. He has extensive industry and research contacts in North America and internationally. 

Jennifer JacobsJennifer Jacobs
Jennifer Jacobs

Project Manager

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Jennifer is a professional engineer with 17 years of experience in the petroleum and environmental industries with 9 years managing projects.  Jennifer has experience in subsurface characterization and modeling, development planning and execution, and permitting in a variety of petroleum and hydrogeology projects in the United States, England, Middle East, North Africa, Canada, and Australia.

Craig HallCraig Hall
Craig Hall

Manager, Business Development

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Craig brings over 8 years of diverse energy industry experience, including asset development, operations, and investment appraisal across several organizations. Most recently he led an asset development team at an upstream oil & gas producer in Western Canada. Prior roles include corporate planning/ budgeting, advanced reservoir analytics and a plant engineering position at a large gas processing and cogeneration facility.

Tom TurcotteTom Turcotte
Tom Turcotte

Corporate Development Engineer

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Tom has over 4 years of strategy and business development experience in the energy transition space. He excels in identify and assessing new project opportunities. Prior to joining Vault, Tom worked for a private technology development company where he developed skills in cost estimation, financial modelling, commercialization strategy, and project development.

Hugh Caperton IIHugh Caperton II
Hugh Caperton II

VP, Land and Business Development

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With over 15 years experience in oil & gas operations, business development and leadership, Hugh has significant experience in land management, permitting and government relations. Hugh also managed capital budgets in excess of $250mm and participated in raising >$650mm in equity and debt capital in prior companies.

Stephen NorrisStephen Norris
Stephen Norris

Reservoir Engineer

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Stephen has 35+ years of reservoir engineering experience, working in conventional, unconventional, and enhanced oil recovery with extensive knowledge and experience working in many high profile domestic and international plays. Stephen was a key member of the asset management team for a CO2 injection project in the Salt Creek Field in Wyoming and has been a reviewer for applications to the CARB CCS Protocol for California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

Jennifer O’KeefeJennifer O’Keefe
Jennifer O’Keefe

Manager, Land and Stakeholder Engagement

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Jennifer is a land professional with 15 years experience conducting and managing land acquisition, business development, exploration, due diligence negotiations, and managing teams of brokers in the oil and gas and CCS industries.  Most recently, Jennifer was a member of the leadership team at a private equity-backed firm that achieved a successful exit.

Tara GracieTara Gracie
Tara Gracie

General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

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Tara brings 20 years of energy industry experience to the Vault team and leads Vault’s Legal and Corporate Secretarial functions.  Tara has held senior legal positions relating to most facets of the E&P industry with a focus on advising global companies in the energy services sector. Most recently, Tara held an Associate General Counsel position with a global provider of energy infrastructure with a strong focus on North American carbon capture projects.  She has also held the role of General Counsel with a publicly traded remote workforce and modular manufacturing company.  Tara plays an integral role in supporting both Vault’s business strategy and operational needs.    

Dwight PetersDwight Peters
Dwight Peters

Senior Advisor

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Dwight has 35+ years industry experience including 10+ years as leader of Schlumberger Carbon Services. Dwight represented Schlumberger for all CCS-related activities including all seven U.S. Department of Energy regional partnerships and has extensive experience in all aspects of CO2 sequestration project development as well as deep relationships across industry and research organizations throughout the USA.

Joe SilipoJoe Silipo
Joe Silipo

Senior Landman

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Joe is a land professional bringing over ten years of oil and gas experience with demonstrated success in surface and subsurface acquisition, contract and lease negotiation, regulatory affairs and compliance, due diligence, property evaluations, and title administration. Joe has managed multiple teams of internal and external contractors ranging from closing lease/ easement agreements to title review and curative for the acquisition of surface/ subsurface rights.

Brody LosterBrody Loster
Brody Loster

Principal Geologist

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Brody brings over 23 years of geotechnical leadership experience across the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. As a former geology manager at several previous companies with highly successful exits he has led technical teams to evaluate reservoir potential and drill 2400+ wells. Brody has experience that spans a large variety of play types including carbonate facies and heavily faulted complex clastic structural terrain. Since joining Vault, he has helped produce a North America wide database of CO2 targetable formations across North America

Alan RezighAlan Rezigh
Alan Rezigh

Senior Technical Advisor

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Alan has over 35 years of engineering and leadership experience in oil & gas and CCS including extensive experience in project development, project management, and business development in both subsurface engineering and facility design. He also has direct experience with carbon capture technology and CO2 enhanced oil recovery screening, design, and operations.

Kat PerkinsKat Perkins
Kat Perkins

Senior Landman

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Kat brings more than twelve years of oil and gas industry experience, including asset divestitures/acquisitions, asset data integration, business development, project management, surface and subsurface negotiations, regulatory affairs, title due diligence, and land administration. Kat’s prior roles also emphasized the management of strategic partnerships with external stakeholders in order to facilitate safe and effective land practices.

Dana ReinhardtDana Reinhardt
Dana Reinhardt

Senior Land Coordinator

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Dana has ten years experience as a land professional and has managed the land data conversion efforts for several mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and JVs for private and public entities. With extensive due diligence knowledge and specialized attention to data integrity. Dana is highly experienced with land documentation requirements, handling, and execution.

Brad HinaBrad Hina
Brad Hina

Principal Geologist

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Brad has 35 years of geotechnical and technical leadership experience throughout the Appalachian Basin. He has worked extensively in both exploration and development as well as involvement with  UIC Class II injection permitting. Brad was involved in the early development of the Marcellus Shale in the Appalachian Basin, the first horizontal wells drilled in Ohio, and has deep experience in the appraisal of the Knox Unconformity.

Heather WilsonHeather Wilson
Heather Wilson


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Heather brings 12+ years of energy industry experience in accounting, financial reporting, treasury, budgeting, internal controls, and insurance. Prior to joining Vault, Heather held the position of Controller at a green energy supply company, where she helped support a strategic review process including undertaking the necessary preparation for a potential initial public offering. Heather also participated in raising >$1bn of equity and debt capital in a prior company.

Sarah TaylorSarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor

Senior Accountant

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Sarah is a fully designated accounting professional (CPA), who also holds a Master of Professional Accounting from the University of Saskatchewan.  Sarah joins Vault with 5+years of accounting experience, including big four audit and full cycle accounting within the manufacturing and land development industries. Sarah’s previous experience has awarded her broad exposure to many challenges including financial statement creation, technical accounting research related, new standard implementation and internal control improvement and implementation.

Bryan PlenderleithBryan Plenderleith
Bryan Plenderleith

Corporate Finance Manager

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Bryan brings 10+ years of diverse industry exposure across the oil and gas, mining, and technology sectors, with experience spanning corporate finance, strategy, budgeting and forecasting, capital markets, and mergers and acquisitions. Prior to joining Vault, Bryan was the Senior Corporate Finance Manager at one of Canada’s largest technology companies. Bryan is proficient at evaluating strategic expansion opportunities and supporting various mergers and acquisitions as well as corporate financial planning and analysis.

Carter Ensign Carter Ensign
Carter Ensign

Senior Financial Analyst

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Carter has 6+ years of experience in capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, and strategy. He has exposure across a variety of industries including oil and gas, power, renewables, chemicals, industrials, and construction. Prior to joining Vault, Carter was an Associate at a bulge bracket investment bank in both Calgary and New York participating in raising >$10bn in equity and debt financings and >$15bnin announced M&A advisory. He assisted a small-cap private equity firm with the day-to-day operations of its portfolio company, leading it's finance department.

Katie TamulonisKatie Tamulonis
Katie Tamulonis

Staff Geologist

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Katie has over 12 years of experience in CCS, oil and gas, and academia. Her expertise includes geomodelling for CCS and oil and gas field development, unconventional resource exploration, and operations. Her professional experience also includes work with the U.S. Geological Survey and the environmental consulting industry. Katie has 6 years of teaching, research, and service in higher education, including a leadership position in the America Association of Petroleum Geologists Women’s Network.

Kaylen BarberKaylen Barber
Kaylen Barber

Financial Analyst

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Kaylen brings 3+ years of advisory and corporate finance experience in the infrastructure, oil & gas and power & utilities sectors. Prior to joining Vault, Kaylen was an investment banking analyst for National Bank Financial where he developed a wealth of skills involved in mergers & acquisitions, capital markets and corporate development. Kaylen excels in asset/corporate sale procedures, developing financial forecasts and assessing business development opportunities.

Melissa CunninghamMelissa Cunningham
Melissa Cunningham

Senior Permitting Analyst

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Melissa has over 14 years of oil and gas experience producing large volumes of permits for development activities across the Rockies. Her extensive experience includes strategic planning, site plan development, and state and federal land use permitting. Melissa also has over 18 years of GIS experience creating maps and data for decision-making. Her professional experience includes work with the Bureau of Land Management and environmental consulting industry.

Caitlin SmithCaitlin Smith
Caitlin Smith

Executive Assistant

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Caitlin brings over 10 years experience in executive level administration, high-level support, client relations, and information technology services. Caitlin is a strong communicator and problem solver who adds remarkable change in the overall efficiency of the Vault workplace.

Richard GrayRichard Gray
Richard Gray


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Richard is a Professional Geophysicist with over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and CCS. He is highly experienced in managing seismic programs for exploration, site characterization, and field development in both conventional and unconventional resources as well as on- and offshore. This includes surface seismic data acquisition through to processing and inversion as well as microseismic monitoring program design and execution.

Lori GauvreauLori Gauvreau
Lori Gauvreau

Technical Writer and Editor

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Lori has 20 years of Marketing and Communications experience at Schlumberger. For over 10 years of that time Lori was extensively focused on CCS community engagement, outreach, and education activities in United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Norway, and England. She worked with other communications professionals to help unite and bring best practices and insights to CCS project stakeholders.

Our Team

Vault 44.01 is a highly experienced Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) Project Development Team with unmatched expertise in permanent geological storage of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Our goal is to enable cost-effective, wholesale decarbonization of industrial emitters across North America through CCS. Vault 44.01 brings together diverse and experienced subsurface personnel and Project Managers that have intrinsic working CCS project knowledge and expertise to develop an entire sequestration project that begins with risk assessment, site characterization, data acquisition, outreach, and education and continues through to well design, construction, field implementation and pore space management.

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Capital Partnership

In May 2022, Grey Rock agreed to fund additional growth of Vault through a capital commitment of up to USD$150 million. Matt Miller, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Grey Rock stated “We find carbon capture and sequestration to be one of the most compelling opportunities in the energy transition. After having met with several CCS teams, it was clear to us that Vault was the right fit for us in how we approach investments”.

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