In partnership with emitters, we offer end-to-end CCS project implementation and operations, by leveraging:

Differentiated subsurface expertise, and experience in multiple world-class CCS projects representing >18Mtpa of CO2 emissions.
Major capital project execution experience, with multiple team members having managed budgets of >$250mm/yr.
Secured capital commitment of US$150mm from Grey Rock Investment Partners.
CCS regulatory expertise in both USA and Canada including multiple Class VI permit applications.
Ongoing learnings through advancement of our growing portfolio of projects currently totalling >12 Mtpa of CO2 to be captured and permanently sequestered.

Technical Team Expertise

Several Vault team members are industry recognized technical experts and have actively participated in risk assessments that directly resulted in the creation of Risk Management Plans for more than a dozen different CCS projects in North America. Vault team members have also been involved in multiple permit applications and regulatory reporting for CCS projects both in Canada and the US.

  • Over 40 years of direct carbon sequestration experience and the full team encompasses well over 100 years of technical work in subsurface development
  • Over 100 years of geotechnical experience, including in-house geology, geomodelling, hydrology and seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation expertise.
  • In-house reservoir engineering and reservoir simulation expertise, with experience derived from both carbon sequestration and CO2 enhanced oil recovery.
  • Industry leading experience in risk-based MMV program design and implementation.

Experience Spanning North America

CCS Monitoring/Geophysical
CCS Project Management
Vault Project(s) Under Development
(1) Source [Base Map]: North American sedimentary basins – sourced from U.S. Department of Energy’s NATCARB/ATLAS database

With experience in over 20 CCS projects across North America and hundreds of “feet-on-the-ground” field hours working to characterize, permit, develop, and operate the projects, the Vault team has a depth of experience to draw from. In addition to this industry-leading CCS experience the Vault team has extensive involvement with major oil & gas development, including EOR and non-CCS UIC injection wells.  

Vault maintains a focus on development of actionable CCS projects in partnership with high quality industrial businesses. The Vault team has over a dozen projects in the US Midwest, US Gulf Coast and Canada in various stages of development and expect the first of these projects to come onstream in 2024 and 2025.